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How to Lower Risk of Infection and Continuously Protect Patients

MEDICA is the world’s largest medical equipment trade fair, held annually in Düsseldorf, Germany. The Copper Alliance presented an ‘Antimicrobial Copper Hospital’: a stand showcasing touch surface products that harness the antimicrobial properties of copper and its alloys to enhance infection control.

Reduce transfer of bacteria with Antimicrobial Copper that lowers the burden continuously deactivating bacteria. Anything made out of stainless steel, Midbrook Medical can manufacturer out of copper:

– IV Poles
– Case Carts
– Chair Arms
– Push Plates
– Door Handles
– Over Bed Tables
– Electrical Light Switch Plates

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by | 01/27/2014 · 12:09 pm

Wish You Could Prevent The Spread of MRSA, CRE and E-coli More Easily? With Antimicrobial Copper, You Can.

This video will make you wish your hospital used Antimicrobial Copper. Antimicrobial Copper is used all over the world yet many hospitals still havent caught on to the highly effective strategy. Whether you work in a healthcare facility or you find yourself visiting the hospital, remind your healthcare authorities, they could be protecting patients from potentially lethal bacteria by utilizing the power of Antimicrobial Copper. The biggest culprits transferring bacteria like overbed trays, I.V. poles, table tops, handrails and more can become safer for both patients and employees as well.

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by | 11/07/2013 · 11:40 am

Superbug CRE Poses Increasing Danger In Hospitals


CRE is a superbug not as commonly known as some others but it is one of the most dangerous threats inside hospitals. Resistant to antibiotics, cases have been found in at least 43 states. Only 9 of the 50 states have mandatory reporting laws for CRE.

Encourage your hospitals to instill aggressive programs now in order to limit further spread. Are you part of a hospital with a plan? We would love to hear how you’re addressing the issue.

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by | 10/09/2013 · 1:32 pm

Is “Looking Clean” Enough?

How do you know your hospital is clean? How do you know something is free of bioburden? Don’t make assumptions because it “looks clean”. The MediCount ATP Testing Device allows you to objectively measure the cleanliness level of a surface or an instrument based on what YOU define as “clean”. Clean should be a result, not a process.

The MediCount ATP Testing Device Provides a Way to Quantify “Clean”. The device provides a numerical reading in less than 30 seconds and provides a quantitative measurement representing the amount of organic material present on a surface. Read More

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by | 10/02/2013 · 1:29 pm

Influenza: You have options

Flu season is swiftly approaching. While the flu and the flu shot are not nice, this flu season sounds better than ever. The 2013-14 flu shot is already available and it’s said to be better than ever. This year the flu shot and nasal spray covers all four strains of the virus instead of the three it covered previously.

This is good news to me because I hear cases about people getting their flu shot but they still end up infected with the flu. I think to myself, how can it be? Why get the flu shot if you’re still going to get the flu? Well, I guess for some, they had that unlucky “strain #4.” But 3 out of 4 was so last year.

If you thought that news was exciting enough, there are even more reasons why this year will be better than ever. Here are some other new influenza vaccine options:

Are you elderly?
High-dose vaccine for the elderly to boost immune response and protection

Are you allergic to eggs?
Those with egg allergies have the option of two new vaccines without egg protiens

Are you afraid of needles?
A new vaccine can be delivered by a tiny micro-needle into the skin.

Watch the video below from ICT News Desk regarding new the new personalized approach to vaccine options according to Mayo Clinic vaccine expert Dr. Gregory Polland.


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by | 09/25/2013 · 1:00 am

How To Kill The Norovirus



New research carried out in the South could help wipe out the winter vomiting bug norovirus, saving hundreds of lives. Scientists from the University of Southampton have discovered that copper kills the bug almost instantly.

Experts say if the surfaces we touch constantly like door handles, taps and stair rails are made with the metal, it would drastically reduce the spread of infections. Christine Alsford spoke to Professor Bill Keevil from the University of Southampton and a norovirus patient Serena Spencer-Jones.

More about Antimicrobial Copper

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by | 09/18/2013 · 10:00 am