The CDC is on Pinterest!?!

It seems like I’ve been hearing more and more talk about the CDC and infection control lately. On TV sitcoms, evening documentaries and of course the evening news.  This is both good news and bad. Increasing awareness is the name of the game for organizations like Midbrook Medical and the CDC. However, it might also indicate that this issue of dangerous infections that is spreading further and faster.  Image

At first thought it is sort of an odd combination, disease control and social media. But Pinterest?  It’s really kind of neat. Infection Prevention authorities are blogging, hashtagging, tweeting and now pinning.

On the CDC’s Pinterest Board, they are encouraging us to embrace our “Inner #PHNerd” and share our passion for public health with others.  If you Follow their board, you’ll see the campaign is in its early stages of development with a mere 5 pins but they also have over a thousand followers already. Even on Pinterest there can be fun conversations about public health and inform others about ways to be prepared for emergencies.


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