CRE: Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae.

It’s a big name and an even bigger problem. CRE is one of three infections listed at an “Urgent” threat level for patients in medical facilities.

“CRE have become resistant to all or nearly all antibiotics we have today.

How scary is that?? But unfortunately it gets worse. The CDC says up to half of all infections caused by CRE result in death.

Here is what CDC lists as Antibiotic Resistant Threats in 2013:
■ Some Enterobacteriaceae are resistant to nearly all antibiotics, including carbapenems, which are often considered the antibiotics of last resort.
■ More than 9,000 healthcare-associated infections are caused by CRE each year.
■ CDC laboratories have confirmed at least one type of CRE in healthcare facilities in 44 states.
■ About 4% of U.S. short-stay hospitals had at least one patient with a serious CRE infection during the first half of 2012. About 18% of long-term acute care hospitals had one.

“Federal health officials reported Monday that at least two million Americans fall ill from antibiotic-resistant bacteria every year and that at least 23,000 die from those infections, putting a hard number on a growing public health threat. It was the first time that federal authorities quantified the effects of organisms that many antibiotics are powerless to fight. “

How antibiotic resistance spreads:
how resistance happens

Read the CDC Drug Resistance Threat Report and find suggestions for how to prevent and handle infections.


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