September 13, 2013


Often times we get stuck on the bad things happening. The evening news is all stories about people doing things they shouldn’t. We call our friends and vent to them about what went wrong in their day. Why is it that the ones who act up are the ones who get suspended and get to stay home from school like everyone else wishes they could?

But what happens to those that do things right? The teacher’s pets, the constant advocates, the heros.

That’s where the Top 5 #InfectionPreventionSuccess Stories come into play. These organizations are doing things right, doing innovative things that go above and beyond normal expectations.

1.) MRSA incidence in dialysis patients declining

2.) Founder of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths.

3.) American technology effective for Mers-CoV prevention

4.) CleanLink releases list of infection prevention practices that work!

5.) Achieving Reduced Infection Rates via Hand Hygiene Compliance

How about a round of applause and a little attention to those that deserve it. Keep up the good work!


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