September 5, 2013


Let’s get Excited About Education Again

It’s the first week in September again. I don’t know about you, but September will always mean one thing: back to school time.

Do you remember your first days of school as a kindergartner or first grader? I still remember the outfit I wore on my first day of first grade, right down to the purple flower necklace. From that very first day, I loved school. I loved my teacher, I loved the weekly packet of homework we got every Monday, I loved the brownies in the school lunches, and I loved the black-and-white plaid jumper I got to wear.

Everything was so exciting. I was learning more difficult addition and subtraction. I learned how to read the “ch”, “sh”, and “th” sounds. And I couldn’t wait until I was lucky enough to get homework every day and graduate from wearing the jumper to the plaid skirt like my older sister.

I’m not trying to make you nostalgic for your childhood or days gone by (although now that I mentioned it, I am craving one of those school brownies). I’m just wondering: at what point do we lose that excitement for change and for learning new things?

At what age does “I get to try this” turn into “I have to try this”? When do we stop seeking out new information and ideas, desperate to be as smart as the people we look up to? When do we start skimming the title of an article and hitting delete, not even interested in the learning opportunity that is literally right in front of us?

Like everything else in life, infection prevention is an ongoing and never-ending education. But think about that for a minute. Think about all the new technologies that have come out and that are going to come out in our lifetime. Think about all the different ways we’re going to develop to kill harmful bacteria and keep people safe and healthy. Think about all the studies scientists will do, all the ways healthcare facilities will evolve and adapt with each piece of new information.

Like I said, infection prevention is an ongoing and never-ending education. And I think it’s about time we got excited about that again.


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