July 19, 2013


Your Cellphone Has More Bacteria Than These 5 Household Items

Cellphones. We hold them up to our face to talk to our moms, use our fingertips to scroll through the news (or Facebook…), and snap pictures of the birthday cake we baked for our best friend. It’s no wonder they’re practically crawling with germs. Here are 5 items, as presented by Mashable, that you might be surprised to learn have less bacteria than your average cellphone:

In case you missed that, here are the stats lined up one more time:

Amount of bacteria per square inch:

1. Toilet Seat= 1,201

2. Kitchen Counter= 1,736

3. Pet Food Dish= 2,110

4. Checkout Screen= 4,500

5. Doorknob= 8,643

All of these items have less than a cellphone’s astonishing 25,107 bacteria per square inch. Good thing I have the UV Flash to disinfect my phone. What are you doing to clean yours?


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