June 28, 2013


5 Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

            It seems like everyone is on Twitter these days. From President Obama to your 12-yr old niece, people are tweeting pictures, lyrics to their favorite songs, their thoughts on the last episode of Game of Thrones, and more. Twitter is a great way to get information in a quick and organized way. But, like I said, it seems like EVERYONE is on Twitter these days. So how do you know who to follow? We’ve come up with a list of 5 accounts that you won’t regret adding to your Twitter newsfeed. 

1.    @HealthTapFor Your Own #Health

Trying to stick to a healthier diet? Looking for ways to shake up your workout routine? @HealthTap delivers tips and answers to your questions from doctors across the United States. Whether they are explaining the meaning behind the old “an apple a day” saying or sending out a motivational message about healthy living, @HealthTap will keep you on the right track.

2.    @CDCgovFor Your #Job

Working in the healthcare world involves staying up to date on the latest news on infection outbreaks, new safety measures, and more. But it can be time-consuming to sort through countless news pages and decide which news is relevant or reliable. The Center for Disease Control’s official Twitter account will do that work for you, bringing you information about current medical topics you need to know.

3.    @GoogleFactsFor Your #Brain

Do you know what a duel between three people is called? Or the name of the little paper flag sticking out of a Hershey’s Kiss? You would if you followed @GoogleFacts. This Twitter account brings you all those random facts and interesting trivia that will come in handy when you’re finally a contestant on Jeopardy (or need an icebreaker while talking to a new coworker). And, for the record, a duel between three people is a truel, and that paper flag is a “Nigglywiggly”. I bet you didn’t learn that in high school.

4.    @BrendonBurchardFor Your #Heart

Sometimes I wish I had my own personal cheerleader/guru to get me through the week. And even though I might not be able to find an actual person to follow me around and motivate me, @BrendonBurchard is the next best thing. This bestselling author tweets daily quotes from diverse and well-spoken individuals such as Buddha, Helen Keller, and John F. Kennedy. Some quotes inspire you, some make you reevaluate priorities, and some just make you happy. But all are worth hearing.

 5.    @TheEllenShowFor Your #FunnyBone

Twitter has no shortage of twitter accounts claiming to be “funny”, from celebrities to TV personalities to comedians and everything in-between.  But, with the exception of one, every humorous twitter account either doesn’t meet the PG-rated standards of this blog or really isn’t that funny. @TheEllenShow, however, is humor at its best. From commentary on celebrities and current events to Classic Joke Tuesday (my personal favorite), Ellen makes sure you don’t take life too seriously.

By following these 5 accounts, Twitter takes care of your health, your job, your brain, your heart, and your funny bone. This should open up a lot of free time, and, in my unbiased opinion, I think you should spend it following a sixth Twitter account: @MidbrookMedical. Now, get busy tweeting about how much you loved this blog post. #happyfriday


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