June 21, 2013


5 Daily Activities that Take Longer than the UV Flash

Our new product, the UV Flash Infection Control System, is kind of incredible (if we do say so ourselves). In only 60 seconds, you can give an item a complete 360° disinfection. 60 seconds? One minute? 1/60 of an hour? That’s practically nothing. Here are five things that you already do that take longer than the UV Flash:

1.    Brush your teeth

We hope…

 2.    Check your Facebook notifications

Is it morning break time? Are you in a boring afternoon meeting? It’s okay, we’re all guilty of it. But in the time it took you to comment on that weird picture of your neighbor’s cat, the UV Flash could have disinfected the smartphone you’re scrolling through your timeline on.

3.    Heat up some microwave popcorn for your favorite TV show

I like kettle corn and The Bachelorette. My sister likes lightly buttered and The Wire. Whatever your preference is for the popcorn or TV show, the time it takes to prepare that snack is at least twice as long as one cycle of the UV Flash.

4.    Figure out where you left your car keys (for the 5th day that day)

I wish this one wasn’t true.

5.    Read this blog post

That’s right, in the time it took you to read this amazing blog post (not even counting the time lost when you were distracted by the thought of popcorn) the UV Flash could have completed at least one full cycle. If only my Monday mornings were that efficient…


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