June 14, 2013


5 LinkedIn Groups You Should Join

LinkedIn is one of the most important tools for professionals in any field today. As a sort of Facebook for the professional world, you can form “connections” with people you know, look for jobs, follow different companies (hint, hint…Midbrook Medical), and more. One of our favorite features is being able to join interest groups.

When you hear about some innovation or exciting news related to your line of work, you tell your coworkers, your boss, maybe even employees at other companies you work with. When you have questions, you use those same people as resources. What interest groups do on LinkedIn is provide that same sort of community, but multiplied enormously in size. Instead of asking the workers in your department for advice, you can ask thousands of people for advice. Instead of sharing your ideas with the people you eat lunch with, you can share them with people across the country.

We love this tool so much that we want to make sure you take advantage of it too. To get you started, we’ve picked out 5 of the best interest groups for those working in infection prevention to join:

1. Sterile Processing Department Professionals
• Choose this group if: you are a SPD professional or looking to communicate with those in the SPD
The purpose of this group is taking people who work every day to clean and sterilize equipment and connecting them to workers around the world doing the same thing, creating one SPD “coworker” community. Its 2,300+ members can share and ask for tips on saving time as well as the best practices for proper cleaning.

2. Hospital Infection Control
• Choose this group if: you want to gain access to an enormous network of infection control professionals
Did you read a journal report and aren’t quite sure what to make of it? Do you have a new idea for storage that will save space as well as cut down on infection? This interest group is the place to go. The appeal of this group in particular is that it is specifically promoted as a networking group, as opposed to a professional group. In other words, it was literally made for the over 4,500 members to receive and share ideas with each other.

3. Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)
• Choose this group if: you want to communicate not only with others in your specific line of work, but all areas of infection control
Similar to the Hospital Infection Control group, the APIC group was created to share new ideas related to infection control. With over 2,600 diverse members from nurses to lab technicians to epidemiologists, you will have access to opinions and thoughts coming from all angles of the medical field.

4. Infection Control and Prevention
• Choose this group if: you have a particular interest in HAIs (healthcare-acquired infections)
The Infection Control and Prevention group’s purpose is to provide a space for those who need a resource or want to be a resource for infection control and prevention in the healthcare industry. Besides having over 1,300 members to connect with, the group also contains a link to a website exclusively devoted to HAIs.

5. The AAMI Community
• Choose this group if: you are more interested in the business and technical side of the healthcare world
The Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation group is for medical device manufacturers, clinical engineers, etc. In this group, members can share and learn about the latest problems and solutions in medical technology with the other 5,000+ members.

And remember, once you’re a member of all these top-of-the-line groups, be sure to check out Midbrook Medical’s LinkedIn Page and see what other news, advice, and products we have to offer! Have a great weekend 🙂

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