Fight hospital acquired infections with more than just clean hands

Washing your hands?  Really?

Whenever an article is published on fighting germs and the spread of infection in a healthcare setting, inevitably, the theme of the piece centers around proper hand hygiene.   Can we all just assume that as a given?

Let’s put a little more thought into our battle with the killer superbugs like MRSA and C diff.  This issue needs a little more creative innovation to test and implement some solutions.

Education and dissemination of what is available on the market now is paramount to spreading the gospel of solid infection prevention practices.  The use of anti-microbial copper alloys in place of stainless steel as the material of choice whenever possible is one means of doing more than what is common now.

Identifying residual bacteria after cleaning has been performed on everything from IV poles to surgical instruments will measure what has been accomplished and encourage health care workers to continue to be diligent in their efforts.

Using UV light stations as means of destroying bacteria and spores on everything from stethoscopes, to I-Pads, to charts as they are moved from patient room to patient room.

All of these items are available today.  All of them are effective, along with washing your hands.

Now the effort must be made to lobby for implementation of these new arrows for our wickets so all of so our colleagues can have the same chance at success in the battle with superbugs like MRSA.



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4 responses to “Fight hospital acquired infections with more than just clean hands

  1. You can also wear protective scrubs, there is a brand we carry that protect against all bodily fluids like blood and have been shown to protect against MRSA by a Virginia Commonwealth study. Using all these with UV light stations would greatly reduce healthcare costs a lot.

    • jcrowley2013

      Good point Fancy Scrubs. There are so many anti-microbial fabrics available, there really is no reason for anyone health care system to dress their associates in anything other than fabric that destroys bacteria. In addition, while at the APIC show the last few years i have noticed there are lines of anti-microbial shower curtains, patient dividers and towels. all easily purchased and made part of the fight against the spread of infection through bacteria

  2. Mitzie

    Keep the great info coming! A lot of the problem lies with compliance, how do make these professionals take responsibility for their infractions. I would be an advocate for this cause. Thanks

    Lets wipe out all we can!

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