APIC-Greater Detroit Spring Program 2012

Once again it was great to attend the Spring APIC Program.  It was well organized and received by its membership.  Renowned speakers such as Gina Pugliese RN, MS, Vice President, Safety Institute, Premier Healthcare Alliance presented a startling presentation demonstrating just how far backwards some of our practices have gone in a misguided attempt for cost containment.  Examples of reusing syringes, attempting to pull more doses from single use vials and the resulting spread of such pathogens as Hepatitis-C, HIV, and a spike in Hepatitis B being reported and under investigation across the country.

Another remarkable speaker from Spain was Inam Soria, PhD.  She was an enthusiastic expert in the field of Research.  She made “Evidence Based Infection Prevention” entirely engaging!  She focused on outcomes and helped us to understand and describe at least 4 types of clinical study designs; critically evaluate clinical data and extract relevant information to a particular practice.

It was a day of connecting with old friends and new; education and a time to share our current experiences together in the effort to improve quality of care and reduce infections.

Notes from Sam Hickson, Midbrook Medical Healthcare Network Director:

“The APIC – Greater Detroit Spring Conference offered a myriad of products and information designed to address the needs and desires of the attendees to enhance their own positions within the healthcare spectrum by providing knowledge and tools to help reduce the scourge of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs), which are so prevalent in healthcare settings these days. Vendors presented their products with scores of devices and methodologies designed to attack infections and issues of disinfection quandaries in their individual niches.

Presentations at the conference ranged from methods of evaluating research to providing wellness tips for the busy professional.  Of particular interest was a presentation provided by Mark Stibich, PhD revolving around “Automated Approaches to environmental Disinfection.” This particular subject is also a focus of Midbrook Medical. Automation of disinfection and sterilization processes is a must for the future of the healthcare industry as a whole. Reduction and elimination of HAI’s will ultimately only be achieved by the design and implementation of automated processes. Removal of the human factor (not oversight) will produce valid and reliable results in this essential sphere of healthcare. Reduction of human errors will necessarily play a large role in the future of infection control.”


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