Introducing Innovative Solutions

Welcome to the Midbrook Medical Blog. The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness of a devastating problem in the delivery of healthcare that we all are likely to face, either personally or with a family member or friend.  Fortunately, there is a solution. Our desire is to bring the solution to the medical industry as quickly as possible and before more lives are unnecessarily lost or harmed by existing practices.

Imagine the experience of supporting a loved one as they are admitted into a hospital. We prepare physically and emotionally to encounter the challenges that come with the disease or injury. We trust and hope the services and intervention given will be successful and will allow the healing process to begin.

Now imagine our hopes are lost – not by the disease or injury itself, but by an infection caused by a dirty surgical instrument and resulting Hospital Acquired Infection.  Sadly, hospital acquired infections have become one of the greatest risks of entering a hospital today. The consequences are staggering. Families are directly impacted financially and emotionally with the potential for suffering and loss of life.  The cost to our healthcare system is immeasurable.

Here’s the dirty secret… The current methods of cleaning repurposed medical devices and surgical instruments leave much to be desired leaving a certain amount of residual biological material from exposure to previous patients.

Here’s the good news… Midbrook Medical has developed innovative products to address this problem. Our mantra at Midbrook Medical is, “When a healthcare organization decides to work with Midbrook Medical, they are not just buying medical products and services from another medical company – they are making a proactive decision to change the way they think about and protect those who work and those who are treated within their facility.  At Midbrook Medical, we specifically invest in developing a line of products and services that help hospitals lower costs, reduce hospital acquired infection rates, and provide high-quality care to assure positive patient outcomes.”

Please enjoy learning about this important subject. I invite you to follow this blog for timely updates and look forward to your comments, questions and participation.



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3 responses to “Introducing Innovative Solutions

  1. D George

    Thank you for bringing attention to this. Having seen the pain associated with catching an infection within the hospital I appreciate any headway you can make to help prevent this insidious and invisible hazard from happening to more people.

  2. Holly Ramsdell, MPA, CMPE

    Great information….every hospital, big and small, across the nation should be reading this information. Joint Commission is most concerned with infection control and prevention. Everyone in the medical field needs this kind of information and it starts with all of us. The phrase that ” Knowledge is Power” is true! Look forward to more information…Holly Ramsdell, MPA

  3. Good information and really helpful.

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